Health, Safety and the Environment

By incorporating health, safety and environmental policies into all aspects of our business, we protect our people, our communities and the environment, achieve sustainable growth and ensure compliance with all applicable guidelines and regulations, and develop capabilities that expand our sustainable capacity.

  • Our health, safety and environmental management systems reflect our values and help us meet our business objectives
  • We protect the safety and health of our people, and minimize the environmental footprint of our operations through efforts to prevent illness, injury and pollution
  • We are committed to compliance with all of our health, safety, environmental and legal requirements everywhere we operate
  • Our commitment to health, safety and the environment is an important aspect of our processes, technologies and services
  • We identify, control and endeavour to reduce emissions, waste and inefficient use of resources and energy
  • We abide by the company’s own strict standards in cases where local laws are less stringent
  • Our Executive Management Team and individual people are accountable for their role in meeting our commitments
  • We measure and periodically review our progress and strive for continuous improvement

These are our commitments to health, safety and the environment everywhere we operate.