CVS Surveyors Betafence Case Study

The money we have saved, with the help of CVS, will be reinvested back into our business.

Martina Jackson, Accountant, Betafence Ltd

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Betafence Ltd

Savings of £73,966

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"We chose CVS’ business rates service because of their performance based fee structure. They were a safe bet for us because if they could not generate a reduction for us, we did not have to pay them anything. However, this was not the case and we were made aware that the rates we were paying were not accurate for our site.

We would certainly recommend their service to other businesses. The money we have saved, with the help of CVS, will be reinvested back into our business."

Martina Jackson, Accountant, Betafence Ltd

Betafence is the world market leader in fencing solutions, access control and detection for perimeter protection.

Betafence protects industrial buildings, public infrastructure and highly sensitive sites as well as private gardens, agricultural properties and livestock. Over the years, the company has evolved from a fence manufacturer to a Total Solution Supplier of Perimeter Security.


CVS worked on behalf of Betafence to see if a reduction in Rateable Value was viable on their large industrial site in Sheffield. A fantastic £25,000 reduction was achieved, which will in turn generate savings of nearly £74,000 for this Client across the seven year Rating List.

CVS Comment:

"Following the inspection and review of the Rating assessment, I was able to persuade the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) that a significant part of the Plant and Machinery that was contained within the existing Rateable Value should not be included within the assessment. The VOA accepted this argument and it was this that led to the £25,000 reduction for the Client."

Stephen Philp, Rating Managing Director, CVS