CVS Surveyors - Hitachi Business Rates Case Study

The reduction achieved will generate significant savings for us.

Mr Andrew Aspden, F & A Manager, Hitatchi Automotive Systems

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Hitatchi Automotive

Hitatchi Automotive Systems

Savings of £50,000

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“Making advances in research and technology comes at a cost, which is why we need to ensure that our increasing business and operational overheads don’t impede on the work we are carrying out. We instructed CVS to challenge our rates payable based on their driven reputation and success rate. We were incredibly impressed with the whole service, from start to finish. The reduction achieved will generate significant savings for us.”

Mr Andrew Aspden, F & A Manager, Hitatchi Automotive Systems

Hitachi Automotive Systems is now focusing its broad range of technological strength and rich expertise in total design and production, which the Hitachi Group has fostered as a general electrical and electronic manufacturer in the research and development of auto-related technologies. Hitachi instructed CVS to see if the Rateable Value on their site in Bolton could be reduced.


After a full inspection of the property and taking into consideration the over assessment for Air Conditioning in the original valuation, CVS managed to secure a fantastic reduction for Hitachi Automotive Systems which will in turn, generate savings in excess of £50,000 across the seven year Rating List.

CVS Comment:

“I quickly realised that the original assessment by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) had incorporated an increase in rates payable due to the Air Conditioning throughout the site. However, what hadn’t been taken into consideration was the purpose of the site itself. The air conditioning is actually essential for the work undertaken at the site and I challenged the Valuation Officer on this point referring him to the relevant plant and machinery legislation which offers guidance on what items of plant and machinery can and cannot be assumed in the valuation. I was able to demonstrate through the interpretation of the legislation that parts of the air conditioning were essential to the industrial process and therefore could not be additionally charged for. I proposed the correct assessment to the VOA and they accepted.”

Jason Gray, Regional Director, CVS