CVS Business Rent & Rates Reduction for Klarius

We are delighted with the results CVS has delivered...

Simon Swain, Group Legal Counsel, Klarius Group Ltd

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Klarius Group Ltd

Savings of £60,190

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"As a fast growing, trans-national business, property overheads equate to large costs for us. We were very keen to see where savings could be made within our UK properties. We are delighted with the results CVS has delivered so far and have been impressed with the standard of service we have received. We will be reinvesting the savings they have found back into the business to ensure the growth we are experiencing continues."

Simon Swain, Group Legal Counsel, Klarius Group Ltd

100,000+ car parts covering 99% of Europe’s most popular cars, makes Klarius the fastest growing European manufacturer of aftermarket car parts. With over 1,000 employees across Europe, Klarius’ headquarters are located at the Voyager, Manchester Airport with additional properties in the UK including world class manufacturing and engineering operations in North Wales, Lancaster and Chorley. CVS was asked to appeal the business rates on their properties across the country.


A thorough investigation of Klarius’ UK property portfolio was undertaken by CVS’ Surveyors along with a detailed analysis of the rental market in close proximity to each of their premises. By using evidence and comparing access, layout, facilities and rental value, a solid case of evidence was presented to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). CVS have since gained further savings for Klarius on the 2010 Rating List of over £60,000 across the seven year Rating List.

CVS Comment:

"By undertaking a thorough review of the area in close proximity to Klarius’ properties, we were able to build a strong case for reductions on a number of sites. The largest reduction was achieved by proving to the VOA that one particular property in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, had reduced shared and external access via a low bridge. This resulted in a large reduction for the manufacturing plant, saving the client thousands of pounds. Other sites were also appealed amounting to a very large final saving across the property portfolio."

Joe Thornborrow, Rating Consultant, CVS