CVS Business Rates Service reduces bill for Scarborough Golf Club

We were confident that we would get a reduction, and we were not disappointed.

Shaun Smith, Club Secretary, Scarborough South Cliff Golf Club

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Scarborough Golf Club

Scarborough South Cliff Golf Club

Savings of £17,041

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“It was a pleasure to work with CVS. The Surveyor was clearly an expert in inspecting golf courses which put us at ease straight away. We were confident that we would get a reduction, and we were not disappointed. We would highly recommend CVS’s services to other businesses looking to reduce their rates bills.”

Shaun Smith, Club Secretary, Scarborough South Cliff Golf Club

South Cliff Golf Club pride themselves on being ‘the friendly club’. They offer a superb combination of excellent facilities and a spectacular course with open views out to sea. They instructed CVS to ensure that their business rates liability was accurate. CVS’s golf course expert, Kevin Priestland, inspected the site and realised that a significant reduction was viable. This led to a staggering 38% reduction in Rateable Value.


Following a joint inspection with the Valuation Office Agency, the appeal was lodged for Scarborough South Cliff Golf Club and the Rateable Value was reduced from £71,000 to £44,000: the course value was reduced from £45,000 to £32,500, the clubhouse from £45 to £35 per m2. A -20% reduction was also requested for the split site.

CVS Comment:

“This course had a lease already in place with a rent above the Rateable Value. However, I was able to overcome this and secure the reduction from £71,000 to £44,000 by presenting strong comparable evidence to show that the Rateable Value for the course and the club house was too high. I insisted on a joint inspection between myself, the Valuation Officer and the client which led to the 38% reduction in Rateable Value. This will generate substantial savings for the client across the seven year Rating List.”

Kevin Priestland, Associate Director, CVS