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We see them as a key business partner as we weather the economic storm

Cafer Mahiroglu, Owner, Select Retail

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Select Retail

Savings of £1,000,000

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“We are extremely pleased with the savings that CVS have generated for us in this area. We see them as a key business partner as we weather the economic storm and would be happy to recommend their services to any business owner who is serious about their own profitability.”

Cafer Mahiroglu, Owner, Select Retail

Launched in the 1980’s, Select is a leading women’s fashion retailer. Its overall aim is to offer effortless catwalk to high-street style with surprising prices relative to its competitors. CVS has lodged over 200 appeals on both 2005 and 2010 rating lists for the retail giant.


After initial appeals were successful on the 2005 rating list, Select instructed CVS to take on a much bigger slice of its property portfolio for the 2010 rating period. CVS were able to negotiate reductions on several sites due to factors such as store layout and facilities, disrupted access due to town centre works and by stating the correct use of premises to the Valuation Office Agency. 31 reductions have been made so far leading to savings of over £1million with more settlements concluding each week.

CVS Comment:

“Business rates are often the third largest overhead after rent and wages. For a company with as many sites as Select, this can become quite a burden. As CVS has a national network of RICS surveyors, we were able to gather information, survey and appeal a number of properties simultaneously. We have been pleased with the savings generated so far and look forward to more settlements in Select’s favour.”

Stephen Philp, Rating Managing Director, CVS