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Edwina Moore, Facilities Manager, UNIT 4 BUSINESS SOFTWARE LTD

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Unit 4


Savings of £126,083

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“We have been working with CVS for some time now on our business rates appeal, through no fault of their own. Even though our particular appeal has taken longer to conclude than most other businesses, we were kept up to date throughout from both our dedicated CVS Account Manager and our CVS Chartered Surveyor. CVS has demonstrated tenacity, the will to win and the highest level of professionalism throughout, and we would certainly recommend the team to other businesses.”

Edwina Moore, Facilities Manager, UNIT 4 BUSINESS SOFTWARE LTD

UNIT4, the global leader in software that supports business change, offers a wide choice of solutions to meet the needs of dynamic public sector and commercial services organisations; helping them to embrace change simply, quickly and cost effectively.


CVS was first instructed by Unit4 back in 2011. The CVS Surveyor inspected the premises on Cardale Park, Harrogate, North Yorkshire and was quick to realise that we had a strong case for an appeal. After a lot of push-back from the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), the appeal was finally successfully concluded and savings of over £126,000 are being returned to Unit4 across the seven-year Rating List.

CVS Comment:

“In the first instance the Client informed me that they actually built the premises in the 1980s. The VOA believed that the premises was built in the 1990s, and the original assessment was based on this information, which also reflected a lot of renovation work during that time.

I also discovered that the VOA had included air conditioning in their original assessment. The fact however, was that the Client had removed the original air conditioning units and instead, fitted comfort cooler systems throughout, which CVS believes to be of less value. It was this particular matter that the VOA took a long time to agree with me upon. I also based my proposed reduction on an overvalued storage space built into the roof, as well as car parking. I carried out extensive research into the locality and in fact other comparable offices had their individual car parking charges removed from their assessment, which meant that there was no need for this to not be the case for our Client.”

Paul Burnett, Rating Director, CVS