A CVS client-win features in prestigious Rating and Valuation Reporter

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


A recent client-win at Valuation Tribunal for CVS has highlighted the calamitous ‘state of play’ at the Valuation Office Agency as the VOA’s case was considered as ‘Hamstrung’ by officials.

CVS recently acted on behalf of a Restaurant in Rotherham, with the case going all the way to Valuation Tribunal.

The assessment of the restaurant was successfully reduced by £7,250 because at VT, the Valuation Office Agency’s caseworker had “failed to serve a notice under regulation 17 of the VT for England”.

He was further hampered in his defence of the assessment by being invited to represent the VOA “quite late in the day”, and “his experience of rating assessments in other towns provided little assistance to assessments in an unfamiliar Rotherham environment”.

Furthermore, our Surveyor leading this case, John Hayward, provided a “persuasive list of comparable property assessments”.

The case has, as such, featured in Volume 57 No 10 of the 2017 Rating and Valuation Reporter.

The Government are sticking to their commitment to reduce headcount at the VOA by a third by 2020, which will undoubtedly lead to more and more disarray at the VOA and ultimately, delays to cases being concluded with ratepayers being forced to continue to pay unfair and incorrect rates bills.